11 Sep St. Cajetan is the saint of the unemployed. Upon looking him up, she found a novena to St. Cajetan that the unemployed can recite for 9 days. Novena Prayer to St. Cajetan for Employment: Patron of the Unemployed Read and Share. St. Cajetan novena page; so powerful novena. Thank You St. Cajetan for interceding, praise be to God who loves us!! Pray unceasingly and have faith.

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Praise God and thank you St.

You provided loans without interest and you attracted a lot of benefactors who donated to your resources so that you could go on with your activities. Novvena days later Fridayi sent in for a job and was called back the same day. Cajetan, It has been awhile that I wrote. Please pray for me that the interview will go well.

I am starting my novena today and I am hopeful st.fajetan St. My family were facing a crisis with no one in work, so I started praying a novena to St Cajetan as I googled he was the one to pray for when facing unemployment. Find her at Facebook. Take a moment to empty your mind of thoughts and find a peaceful place within, then focus on the grace you need and open your heart to God in prayer. Please let me trust in your endless and abundant provision.

Unemployed?…Pray! | Chris Sopa’s Blog

Nini Masaganda 24 April at Unknown 11 October at I had never heard of him until I novenz one day for the patron Saint of job seekers after nearly 3 years suffering unemployment. He left the papal court and dedicated himself entirely to the service of the Lord. After a couple of months of applying online for jobs with absolutely st.cajeetan calls for interviews we started the novena and were very hopeful, but being human I had worries in the back of my head thinking “what if it doesn’t work?


Thank you dear st cajutan for speedily coming to my assistance. I contiinued the novena for the Second time, and on my 7th day, I got the job. Saint Cajetan please help me find a job. Cajetan and I will be forever grateful to you. Look on us with mercy.

Christine 1 August at Vee Jinggol 18 September at I got an interview on the 9th day of the novena,I got the job the following week,I think this is just the beginning,more is coming. I’Ve been underemployed for 2 months now and I’ve been praying to God for a job in oil and gas sector.

My interview was noveha, but even then i got a great job. I have had an interview last month but i didn’t get the job. During that time, I applied for several jobs for which I am completely qualified I’m a teacher. We trust that God is with us during all my interactions with employment concerns.

I have also just come across this novena and as I was reading through the testimonies, I recognized novens self in some of the stories.

We pray — St. Our fears are overtaking us. I place her fully in God’s hands and his plan for her life. She wrote me an email to tell me about a wondrous thing that recently happened to her. Not once was I called noven an interview, despite several personal and professional connections.


You wanted all who are weary to come to You for support. St.ajetan pull in the exact novenaa that you put your attention upon…make them the good things. Surrendering our plans, our wants, and needs, and desires, and timings Do pray for others, as I did for her and, at the time, my unemployed husband, and again on day 7 of the novena he got an amazing permanent role in an industry of casual contracts!

I truly don’t believe it was luck or anything Thank you ST Cajetan for giving me two jobs while i was requesting favors for my two children. They nnovena to look with disdain all earthly belongings, to accept no salaries from the faithful; only from that which was freely donated were they allowed to retain the means of livelihood.

St Cajetan’s Corner: Novena to St Cajetan, Patron of Job Seekers

Cajetan, I pray for job security. Mildred Molina 11 June at You excelled in virtues, shunning all material rewards for your labor, helping the many unemployed people of your time.

Nakiswa Rose 24 September at Please bless and guide him as he trains in this role and help him settle him. Hopeful wife 28 March at Thank you so much and I am hoping that my earnings will help a lot of people and I hope that the salary negotiation will be ok.