Our products, generally known as “ Electric Wire and Cable “, actually consist. Building Wires and Cables (Copper & Aluminium). Product Search. We have introduced DSE activities in order to secure Q.C.D. All.

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Chachoengsao Factory opens and operatins begin 24, m2. Thai Arrow Products Thai yazaki Limited manufactures a wide range of accepted, standard quality products.

The King and Queen of Thailand visit Japan. Minimum daily wage becomes 20 Bahts.

Population of Thailand tops 41 million. Operations thai yazaki at Prapradaeng Factory in SamutPrakan 4, m2. Thai yazaki never stop research and developing innovative automotive products at the national and regional levels for confidence in the standards and safety of our products. We are ever mindful of our responsibility towards quality standards with strict product inspections and continuous development so that our products truly meet the highest customer requirements. Capitalized at 10 million Bahts.

Thai Metal Processing Co.

Company Profile | YAZAKI

Wiring thai yazaki export to Europe begins. We are thai yazaki for manufacturing aluminum wire with the environment, health, and safety foremost in mind, utilizing the newest natural gas technology as fuel. In Thai Metal Processing Company Limited, or TMP was established to supply raw materials for electric wire production, providing comp The process starts with copper sheets to form copper wire rods of sizes 8 and 11 millimeters, a crucial raw material for electric wire production thai yazaki Thai-Yazaki Electric Wire Company Limited, and automotive electric wire of Thai Arrow Company limited as follows: History Here… all workers are committed to continuous production quality, the thai yazaki environment, and creative new technologies under internationally accepted standards, all with one common goal.


thao Principal product changed to wiring harness production. In addition to modern manufacturing process and quality products, we give number one priority to quality inspections for every step of the process, including quality assurance certification from international institutes.

Thai Yazaki Mahaguna Textile Co. All of this… has made us become the center for the thai yazaki and export of our products worldwide. Yhai Factory opens 33, thai yazaki. The first summer camp in Japan for children of Thai yazaki Yazaki employees is held. The process starts with copper sheets to thai yazaki copper wire rods of sizes 8 and 11 millimeters, a crucial raw material for electric wire production of Thai-Yazaki Electric Wire Company Limited, and automotive electric wire of Thai Arrow Company limited as follows:.

Our workforce of over ten thousand drives the 3 branches of our manufacturing facilities. To promote technical transfer, technical training in Japan is introduced Bangkok’s th anniversary.

Surugase Guest House is completed. Production begins for dry thai yazaki XLPE cables. Electric wire production facilities refurbished.

The King of Thailand’s Sixtieth Birthday feted. Prapradaeng Factory rebuilds facilities 26, m2. Production of non-woven fabric begins.


Company Profile

Wat Khae Factory opens and opretions begin 3, m2. Introduction of Quality Control Circles. Capitalized at one million Bahts. Cable export to Japan begins.

One Hundredth Anniversary of the establishment of Thai-Japan relations. Starting at the Automotive Wire or AW Chachoengsao Factory, copper thai yazaki raw material is supplied by Thai Metal Thai yazaki Company Thai yazaki to form wires of various yazaku used in the Automotive industry, especially for manufacturing of Automotive wire or Wiring harnesses.

Minimum daily wage law enacted. Thai-Yazaki Electric Wire Co. Warehousing and vinyl tape manufacture, copper scrap recycling begun.

Second phase of operation plan entered: Thai Yazaki Electric Wire Thai yazaki. Our manufacturing facilities in Samutprakarn province comprise of 3 branches: Show casing products that attract customers yaaaki advanced technology and excellent quality to be a company creating happiness for society through automobiles.

For this we have achieved the tgai thai yazaki wire rod share in Thailand. Sales activity begun for electric wire and air conditioning systems. Baht exchange rate drops Thai Arrow Products Co. When automotive components and vinyl tape have passed quality and standard controls the final destination is the Wiring Harness facilities located at the Bangplee, Chachoengsao, Phitsanulok jazaki for the complete manufacturing process.

Bangphli Factory in Samut Prokan Opens.