HOME Download MP3 Cindy Trimm’s Official Website Healing Prayers Declaring the Word of God Deliverance Prayers Files and Slides. 1/ 25 Dec Atomic Prayer By Dr. Cindy Trimm. Use this prayer or prayer points daily, or as often as possible, to pray your way through difficult situations.

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His Will shall prevail over my life. We take authority over the spirits of doubt, enmeshment, entanglement, fear, terror, confusion, unbelief, intimidation, sin, and iniquity.

Atomic Power of Prayer by Dr. Cindy Trimm on Vimeo

When Kingdoms Clash Cidny. Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I could ask or think according to the power that works in me.

They are broken off of our body, off of our life, off of our children, off of our marriage, off of our spouse, off of our business, and off of our practices. Bombard the heavens and use this prayer as cinddy spiritual nuclear weapon against the enemy.

I declare and decree that my struggles are over in the Name of Jesus. I declare that my head with never lack fresh anointing oil. I am in sync, in season, in sequence with Your time. Forgive us Father for our carnality; wash our minds of hidden agendas.

I decree and declare that any and all physiological, biochemical, hormonal, neurological, organic, systemic, cellular or molecular damage sustained from stress, exhaustion, the atomic prayer by cindy trimm, pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical treatment, X-ray, chemo-radiation bu, monoclonal antibodies, etc is reversed right now!

I speak health and atonic over my blood, my cells, my organs and systems.


Atomic Power of Prayer

I ;rayer anchored in the Lord Jesus Christ. I take my place of authority and impose it over serpentines and scorpions and declare and decree we shall not suffer any hurt Hallelujah! Our governments are coming together. I destroy these anchors now by the Word, by the Blood the atomic prayer by cindy trimm by the Spirit of God.

Praywr gospel of Jesus Christ is advancing in the atomic prayer by cindy trimm region and in every region.

All thy enemies, O Lord, shall perish and be utterly destroyed. We come in the volume of the Book, the written Word of God. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Email to a Friend. Spirit of God usher us into times of refreshing that You promised will come from the presence of God.

I speak Jeremiah We are synchronized and syncopated to your divine timing and to your divine timetable. The Son of God was made manifest for my life and that He would destroy the works of the devil.

We shall not be held back, tolerated, beat down, bruised in pain, chained in hurt, anchored in bitterness, trapped in disbelief or depression. Let poison and and toxins dry up in every part of my body now.

I declare sudden good surprises, supernatural increase, supreme delight in the Lord, the atomic prayer by cindy trimm glory, favor, health, wealth, riches, power and influence. Everything is working together according to Your Will.

I know that you want me to live disease free, sickness free, stress free, and therefore I decree and declare according to your Word I am healthy and physically fit. I speak health and healing over my body.

Deliver our souls from the mouth of the lion and the venom poison of the snake. Lift your voice and unleash the atomic power of prayer! Father we are saying that there will be no spirit, no individual that would cause us to move out of the timing of the Lord. Prayer activates massive power in the earth. Sever and cut off all inappropriate and diabolic soul ties and entanglements. Cause your fire to utterly destroy it in the name of Jesus.


I decree that the works of the devil are destroyed. According to Psalm Powerful Atomic Prayer — Miracles will start the atomic prayer by cindy trimm happen if we pray regularly with faith in Christ. We release ourselves from strongholds of the enemy and over dark spiritual forces which bombard our mind.

Atomic power of Prayer By Cindy Trimm

I activate good times and blessed moments and destroy every spirit which controls bad times, hard times and struggling times. So therefore, Father, I decree and declare, aomic, that the floodgates of heaven are opened. The Atomic Power of Prayer will equip you to pray with greater authority and empower you to become a true spiritual warrior.

Unleash the atomic power of prayer! But my horn shall thou exalt like the horn of the unicorn. While He maintains power over the heavens, He has given mankind power and prayfr over the earth. Father by your fire, draw out the serpentine spirit from its inconspicuous rocks and hiding places.