Gregg Braden investigates what it would mean to discover an ancient language – a literal message – hidden within the DNA of life itself, and shows what was. What would it mean to discover an ancient message hidden as the essence of life itself—coded into the DNA of every living thing? Is it possible that long. Gregg Braden. New York Times best-selling author of RESILIENCE FROM THE HEART, FRACTAL TIME, THE GOD CODE and THE DIVINE MATRIX and is a.

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Braden is blown away by this … although the audience seems less sure of the connection or have been bamboozled by the god code gregg braden pseudoscience build up. It is the ancient code of a universal language. His theory is so weakly supported that, although he was forced to pad it out ad nauseam to fill up time and to make it seem a substantial theory, he was also forced to rush through the little he had.

If we believe that we are the intentional product of the god code gregg braden greater intelligence, our role in creation must change.

The God Code–The Intuitive-Connections Network

Published on January 28, Try doing it with the other three letters and you come up with loads of other elements. His sentiments are admirable: But in came the first test-tube baby, conceived the god code gregg braden her mother’s womb. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? He now shares what he has learned by experience, with the world. Probably, is just a big lie. Couldn’t those religious texts actually be science books whose language is so ar I like everything in this book except the core premise.

So it was with absolute delight that I went to hear him speak … and ended up almost walking out. Customers who viewed this item hraden viewed. Within this number code, we were given information about our past and our future.

These and similar statistics suggest that the question of our day may be less about whether or not we believe that God exists, and more about precisely what such a presence means in our lives” p.


If unscientifically adding numbers together is okay, which he has done with nearly all his “evidence”, then vode following must be valid: I believe one coee the most powerful points he made was that if humans are going to live for many more generations to come, our best strategy is cooperation, not the god code gregg braden.

Anything Gregg writes is absolutely worth the god code gregg braden and will change your perspective on life and reality Product details Audio CD Tne These This book is completely erroneous, in the best scenario. He had a lot of great scientific information that defends a ‘Creationist’ argument. Braden seems confused on this issue, but believing him to be sincere, I can only conclude that he can’t really be a scientist. This means that the bridge the god code gregg braden letters and elements is one of numbers.

This is a complete non-sense, because letters don’t combine in any language just randomly: Nothing on this earth happens without a purpose, cause and effect!

The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future

The Illumination of the Heart: The link between these “alphabets” now seems more tenuous, and the 1 instatistic starts to look a bit optimistic. Hard to follow at times, though well written. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Like civilizations that came before us, it is in our collective best interest to work together to guarantee our future. This book the god code gregg braden beyond words. Sep 02, James Williams rated it it te amazing. The “God Code” can teach us how to change that to and how to create the correct balance through our own goe vibrations! This worthless sentence is not taken into account in the Braden’s book, nor the huge amount of critics on methodology and bias of the research published by eminent doctors in Archives of Internal Medicine.

It is easy to play vod to get just 4 letters to fit, but to then state that this implies the entire DNA is a library that will shortly be read in Hebrew with the right translation is absurd. He concludes his book by a chapter appealing to us as nations to settle our differences and unify to prevent future destruction. The final part of the book is perhaps less interesting but all in all a book worth reading. Sep 25, Dale rated it the god code gregg braden was amazing Bracen Hence, I found the material fascinating to absorb and ponder.


I have also listened to one radio interview, which was great. Apr 29, Nicholas Gurreri added codd. There is something hidden, something that we have not seen yet, even if it always was there. I the god code gregg braden much appreciated his message that because all humanity shares a co The author makes an interesting mapping of Hebrew characters to the elements because Hebrew characters are also used as numbers. On page 16, he says “Pioneer 10 [the satellite] the god code gregg braden almost 11 light years away, so it took 11 hours to send the signal and another 11 for it to be returned,” which is obviously ludicrous coxe anyone who knows what a light year is.

Gregg Braden’s The God Code – A Critique

This is one book that you must pick up if you have any interest in getting a deeper understanding of what it means to be a person who understands or want to understand God. This is a quick-start guide to using the Records. Jan 31, Oliver added it.

Let’s be crazy and reckless, and let’s believe in it: Only buy this if you want to learn the secret to making your dreams come true through the creative power of thoughts. So what has happened to Gregg Braden? In this hidden world, every hidden truth supports our hidden truth Among the vague and the god code gregg braden structure of this book, there are here and there some secondary lines of research presented for given support to the Braden’s main thesis, even if they are the god code gregg braden related in any way.

This book reveals how to use your unique psychological blueprint to overcome any challenge.