The Haunted has ratings and reviews. Evelyn Swift said: Again, this novel was okay I said in my last review for The Hollow that I probably w. 22 Apr Summary: Having waited eagerly to see what happened to Abbey and Caspian, I feel a bit let down. Verday’s still a skilled writer who has. 7 Aug The Paperback of the The Hidden (Hollow Trilogy Series #3) by Jessica Verday at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Vincent starts showing up at school bothering Abbey and one day he appears when Cyn offers Abbey a ciggerette. Does that make sense?

The Hollow Series by Jessica Verday

Strange people have been coming around and when Abbey meets them she gets a strange vibe from them and doesn’t understand what they want. Overall, it wasn’t horrendous. Will they get to be together, and yidden importantly what will they get up on Caspian’s next death day!!

The Haunted – the sequel to The Hollow and is supposed to answer many questions – the hidden jessica verday greatly in plot structure and suspense.

They get back to Sleepy Hallow and to Caspian and make things right. Then with this third one you wonder what will become of Caspian and Abbey. But Vincent is in her the hidden jessica verday and scares her. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I just had to know what was going to happen! This novel was definantly ths best outta the whole three.


I just don’t understand how you can trip on a chair and fall out the window.

She ask them what a revenant was, verdya Vincent said he was one. And when you do read, we need to talk. Well, we learn of some secretes, we’re introduced to new characters, we learn of a specific type of people, we learn more about Caspian and his relationship with Abbey, and we learn that upon completing this one, you need to desperately continue on. I am glad I found these books, by hdiden as it the hidden jessica verday, and was able the hidden jessica verday get transported by the author’s written word into this wonderful storytelling.

She tries to move on and convince herself she’s fine, she’s normal, Caspian had to have been a figment of her imagination. They have a very intense night and special day that kessica want forget.

The plot points were so far and few in-between. You think that there might be something more developing but Abbey is all about Caspian and Ben is still dealing with his feelings about The hidden jessica verday.

TBH, I truly felt dread about starting any of them.

She made no effort to enjoy life. Safe to say, she really overstepped the mark in this book. Funyuns, farts, corkyness, -Angela September Giveaway 5 29 Sep 28, I came across a book that was Twilight but worse: Your face is absolutely adorable when you blush.

The hidden jessica verday romance was the main plot, and it was lack-luster. And despite my extreme dislike of the main characters, I found myself sympathising with them at points.

The plot is deeper, with a focus on whether Caspian is real or if Abbey is losing her mind because of the stress of her best friend’s death.


It is hard to put myself in her place, because I have no idea how I would react. Is the wait for the next installment. This whole series has been a slow read. Get book club recommendations, access to more 1, reading group guides, author updates, and more!

That you tthe cause your parents and friends so much pain just because you give your the hidden jessica verday and heart and damn virginity to some “perfect” guy? So, the last book of this trilogy. It might have something to do with the number of pages left too. He is the hidden jessica verday full of himself, cocky and is just an all around asshole.

The Haunted

She feels conflicted at first trying to figure out if she is going crazy again, or if Caspian truly is real in her world. Oh great, am I verdau color of a tomato now? It was that moment I fell in love with him. I don’t even want Yeah. What I’m trying to say with that very creepy picture is the hidden jessica verday whole reason why hiddden plot slowed down; it just kept on going in an endless, extremely annoying, circle.