Editorial Reviews. About the Author. (From the Preface to Autobiography of a Yogi by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, M.A., , , Jesus College, Oxford: Author and . He was a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya of Varanasi and a member of the Giri branch of This item:The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar Paperback $ Am so smitten with Yukteswar having met him, as most do, through the autobiography of Yogananda. Now this is the only book Yukteswar wrote and he was.

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Firmness of moral courage, when attained, removes all the obstacles in the way of salvation. Placing the holy texts on the spotless table of his mind, he was able to dissect them with the scalpel of intuitive reasoning, and to separate interpola- tions and wrong interpretations of scholars from the truths as originally given by the prophets.

The Word, Amen Awmis the beginning of the Creation. To whatever religious creed a man may belong and whatever may be his position in society, if he properly cultivates this ruling princi- ple naturally implanted in his heart, he is sure to be on the right path, to save himself from wander- ing in this creation of Darkness, Maya.

In the same way with this book: The Yoga of Jesus: Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with me. Without this love, man cannot live in the natural way, neither can he keep company with the fit person for his own welfare; he becomes often excited yukteswsr the foreign matters taken into his system through mistakes in understanding the guidance of Nature, and in consequence he suf- fers in body and mind.

Oct 31, Yash E rated it it was amazing Shelves: After a while, when this great sleep Mahanidra is over, man awakes, with all his de- sires, and is reborn in a new physical body for ecience accomplishment of his various yearnings. Open Preview See a Problem? Sapta Patalas, seven churches. Situated as it is on the beach of the yukkteswar, storms and buffets touch it not; the sadhus ascetics with a message for yulteswar benefit of humanity find a Kumbha Mela to be an VIU ideal place to impart instruction to those who can heed it.


Mar 24, Joy-Ellen rated it it was amazing. To un- derstand, therefore, what our natural needs are, we ought to depend upon observation, experi- ment, and reason. Now we would be at approx. This spiritualized Atom, Chitta the Heartbeing the Repulsion manifested, produces five sorts of aura electricities from its five different parts: As this sphere is above the com- prehension of anyone in the creation of Gir, Maya, it is called Alakshya, the Incomprehensible.

Holy Science

Mar 29, Govind rated it it was amazing. Parambrahma Spirit or God is infinite, complete, without start or end. By keeping his preceptor’s Godlike company there grows an inclination, Pravritti, in the disci- ple’s heart to save himself from the creation of darkness, Maya, and he becomes Pravartaka, an initiate in the practices of Yama and Niyama, the ascetic forbearances holj observances necessary to obtain salvation.

The dis- nwhen this hook was written, Babaji gave the author the title of “Swami. Thus a Kshatriya becomes fit to dwell in the worlds of higher understanding.

Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar Giri

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. These fifteen attributes with two poles — Mind and Intelligence — of the spiritualized Atom constitute Lingasarira or Sukshmasarira, the fine material body of Purusha, the Son of God. In the sexual desire everyone has a very accurate thermometer to in- dicate the condition of his health. He becomes a Pravar- taka, an initiate. His foremost disciple Swami Yogananda has given enormous amount of contributions to both East and West in Yoga and Spirituality and all that because of this great personality Swami Sri Yukteswara Giri: Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

The Holy Science — Yogananda Harmony Association

JL Parambrahma Spirit or God is everlasting, complete, without beginning or end. This extraordinary treatise explores parallel passages from the Bible and the Hindu scriptures to reveal the essential unity of all religions. When Manomaya Kosha becomes withdrawn, Jnanamaya Kosha the body of Intelli- gence composed of electricities becomes percep- tible. Those who remove our troubles, dispel our doubts, and bestow peace are true teachers.


It shows thw unity between the western and eastern philosophies and also leads and explains the purpose of life and purifications. What is natural food for man?

Abundant milk is not supplied in the breasts of the mother if she does not take fruits, grains, and vegetables as her natural food. And passing through this door he comes above the ideational creation of Darkness, Sxience, and entering into the spiritual world, receives the true Light and becomes the Son of God. At first, I must admit, I thought that I had made a mistake in purchasing this Kindle book. In this manner, when the action of Divine Love becomes well developed, the evolution of Avidy a, Ignorance the particle of Darkness, Maya, the Omnipotent Energy man- ifestedbegins to be withdrawn.

By observation of the nourishment of the young we find that milk is undoubtedly the food of the newborn babe. How man attains Bliss. Something more should be said here about the natural instinct of propagation, which is, next to the instinct of gkri, the strongest in the animal body.

During the years next following, while the sun passed through the Descending Dwapara Yuga, the human intellect lost its power of grasping the knowledge of electricities and their attributes. Jan 10, Vikram CL rated it it was amazing.

Quotes from Holy Science. Withdrawing his self from Bhuvar- loka, the fine material creation, he enters into Swarloka, the source of all matters, fine and gross. It’s been 10 year since I had read “Auto Biography of a Yogi”, and there was a mention about this book in the same. To view it, click here.