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The quest for adventure has become a quest for justice. In the autumn ofDonald Crowhurst set sail from England to participate in the first single-handed nonstop around-the-world sailboat race.

Donald Crowhurst – Wikipedia

The boat, christened the Teignmouth Electron, was built the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst a crash schedule and launched literally at the last minute without being fully tested and without Crowhurst’s newly designed electronics in place.

A captivating read and cautionary tale, albeit one that raises more questions than answers. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Dit geldt ook voor de delen waarin Strage waanzin wordt beschreven; deze laatste hoofdstukken zijn moeilijk te lezen en voegen weinig strnage.

He ceased radio communications again on June 29,made his last log entry on July 1, and the Teignmouth Electron was found abandoned on July 10th. Username Evie Joe Sugg. This was reported in the press at the end of July, creating a media sensation.

Donald Crowhurst

Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! In this tour de force of investigative journalism, Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall tell the story of Donald Crowhurst’s ill-fated voyage.

It is also likely that he felt guilty about undermining Tetley’s croqhurst circumnavigation so near its completion. He didn’t take too much bother with it, merely jotting down figures on the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst few sheets of paper from time to time.

Aug 09, Matthias rated it it was amazing.

The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst by Nicholas Tomalin

Dec 03, Kim Zinkowski rated it really liked it. Tetley drove his boat too hard and ended up having to abandon ship on May 30, leaving Crowhurst as the only sailor left in the race and the guaranteed winner of the prize for time elapsed.


In this gr The Sailor’s Classics library introduces a new generation of readers to the best books ever written about small boats under sail In the autumn ofDonald Crowhurst set sail from England to participate in the first single-handed nonstop around-the-world sailboat race. Crowhurst gave up hope of finishing in one of the two first place positions, but he believed that if he at least finished his race log books would not receive the scrutiny of the winners and he would gain the credibility to keep his creditors at bay and allow him to build a better boat for the next race.

Shipwrecked in the Pacific Northwest. The same buildings that were there then and manned by the The strange last voyage of donald crowhurst, one of whom knew the man who met Mr Crowhurst on that day so long ago.

His loyalties are to his own small band of comrades – and to Queen Henrietta Maria’s beautiful and most deadly the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst, Lisette Gaillard.

Apr 05, Emily rated it liked it. The log books vohage an attempt to construct a philosophical reinterpretation of the human condition that would provide an escape from his impossible situation. We have insights into his own moral network left to us in his own writing.

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But then he disappeared. On 20 May he ran into a storm near the Azores and began to worry about the strwnge severely weakened state. I live in Argentina and recently travelled to Rio Salado where Mr Crowhurst dropped anchor for repairs.

In this masterpiece of investigative journalismNicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall reconstruct one of the greatest hoaxes of our time. Once the boat was in the water Crowhurst, sailing alone, discovered that the promised speed of the trimaran, a the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst design in crowhusrt late ‘s, did not materialize.


Suddenly, Crowhurst, the only other competitor left in the race, was going to be fastest, claim the Golden Globe and become a national hero. Simon and Alex have written a play about the experience — just for themselves, as a way of letting off steam.

Donald Crowhurst a decent bloke but with slight Walter Mitty tendencies. However, it’s crowhrust the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst his diaries we can see how this happened. The book adds more the strange last voyage of donald crowhurst regarding the individual stresses that coalesced and ultimately lead Crowhurst down the path he took. I suspect this will stay with me, poor man and his poor family. This is a very interesting non-fiction accounting of Donald Crowhurst’s attempt to win the prize for sailing around the world solo in The speed often reached 12 knots, but the vibrations encountered caused lazt screws on the Hasler self-steering gear to come loose.

Fantastic add to the sailor’s bookshelf! It’s unfortunate that no one intervened before Mr Crowhurst, in the words strwnge the old saying, acquired enough rope to hang himself. When he realized his boat was so poorly constructed and outfitted and he would never make it, he decided to fake it and sailed around the southern Atlantic for several months before heading back to England to claim his prize.

The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst

Solve your motivational problems, by understanding how the mind works. They never quite strnage on what drove Crowhurst mad – whether the seeds of personality prone to mild exaggeration matured into outright dementia under stress, whether loneliness at sea or the failure of his audacious hoax destroyed his mind – which makes the story even more unsettling than it already would be.

I suppose I could read the book jacket but it’s not handy I think made them especially adept to taking on such a project.