Spiritual THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS It is an outstanding book from both the scientific and spiritual points of view. It is the unique r. Theories of the Bridge to Higher Consciousness HIROSHI MOTOYAMA Spiritual THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS It is an outstanding book from both the scientific. Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Front Cover. Hiroshi Motoyama. New Age Books, – Chakras – pages.

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In tantra and yoga, however, mind means something quite different. Turn the body tueories the right, placing the right arm behind the back. Controls the genito-urinary system. The only way to discover the precise location of the ajna is through direct experience, but the sensation is often reported as follows. Yajrasana Sit in Vajrasana note diagram, p.

Once a person realizes that theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama he has – his body, his mind, life itself – is granted by God, that in effect he owns nothing, he experiences deep gratitude. Rogerio Lima Cisi rated it liked it May 06, Gaze forward at a fixed point and then upward as high as possible, without moving the head. Similarly, all religions have both a yang aspect and a yin aspect. Medial Aspect of Rt. In this world of karmic ties, purusha thee only exist in a stained, impure form, but divine beings dwell in its pure state, enjoying complete freedom beyond the chakrsa of time and space.

On the manipura chakra. Ill Pranayama and Bandhas Prana means vital force.

Theories of the Chakras : Hiroshi Motoyama :

Furthermore, by first activating the ajna the practitioner strongly stimulates the kundalini residing in the muladhara, owing to the direct connection between the two chakras. Vayu refers not only to gases of the gastro-intestinal tract, but also to a type of prana, conceived as a subtle body fluid that flows through the nadis.


There was a time when tantra was chakeas spiritual practice of men and women of every continent. Perceived as a disc of intense red or golden light. Yet today the same concepts of nuclear fission and fusion hiroshl grasped by theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama of ten or twelve years of age in their elementary science classes at school.

Place the hands on the knees in chin theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama and make sure the spine is erect. Avoid violent respiration, chakars contortions, or excessive body shaking.

City of God Saint Augustine.

Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Hiroshi Motoyama – Google Books

These meridians are stimulated by the weight of the upper half of the body in Vajrasana, and this stimulation is transmitted to the muladhara chakra, hhiroshi to activate it. The spine is kept supple and healthy, slipped intervertebral discs are corrected, and backache is relieved. In this sense, too, the benefits of chalras asanas can be observed.

Therefore, when the eyes and nose are stimulated through mental and visual concentration on the tip of theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama nose in manduki kriya, this stimulation activates the manipura chakra through the digestive organ meridian framework.

Close the fingers over the thumbs theoroes make a tight fist. It is the unique record of the pioneering experiments which presents clear, electro-physiological evidence of the existence of the network of chakras and nadis which form the infra-structure of the subtle energies existing in the pranic and psychic dimensions, which theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama and activate the physical, material body of man.


Siddhasana or siddha yoni asana are best, since 91 these press the heel into the perineum and thereby directly aid theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama performance of the bandha. There may also be a sensation of tremendous heat hirowhi around the navel or inside the abdomen. Yama stabilizes the mind in the realm of social behavior, and niyama purifies it by minimizing worldly, outer-directed activity. Retain the breath and raise both hands to the face.

The pelvic nerves are stimulated and the associated urogenital organs are toned. Prana mudra should be performed before meditation.

Theories of the Chakras : Bridge to Higher Consciousness

The Institute for Religious Psychology, where instruction and guidance in the awakening of the chakras is given on a regular basis. Relax the whole body with the palms on the knees and the eyes theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama. During the exhalation, feel the prana coming down from the sahasrara to the muladhara via each chakra. In fact, when an acupuncture needle is inserted into the perineum the location of the muladhara in the physical body ,to a depth of 1 cm.

Reimagining Britain Justin Welby. In Hieoshi, then, it is possible to regard Protestantism as the exoteric teaching and the sacraments of Catholicism as the esoteric. Repeat 10 times, then do the same with the left leg. The old and theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama, and those who suffer from sciatica, other back ailments, or high blood pressure, should not practice this asana.