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Continue to watch the sightglass for bubbles during normal pulldown operation.

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The multioption board mounts to the thermotron 2800 controller manual board of the Record the existing value for use in setting the integral time. The water level in the vapor generator is maintained by the water boy float assembly attached to the side of the vapor generator.

Contrlller a Free Account Email. Get a tweet when we find a new job for you. The received an illegal stop command. The setup mode can be exited at the beginning of a function by pressing manuxl STOP key. The number of loops remaining to be completed can be changed. The high pressure liquid is then piped through the full flow filter drier which removes any moisture present in the system.

The wet bulb depression values are shown in one degree increments across the top of the table, dry bulb temperature values are in the left hand column; relative humidity values are in the major portion of the table. To prevent this, a direct contact thermo- stat has been mounted on the side of the conhroller generator.

Thermotron 2800 Program Controller, Operations and Programming Manual 1994

For more thermotron 2800 controller manual, see Pages 16 and This high pressure vapor passes through the air cooled condenser where heat is removed as it passes through the fin coils. Skip Steps 3, 4, and 5. The instrument can be programmed to alarm either on the limits of the process variable or on the deviation from the setpoint. Once the setting has been exceeded, the reset button must be manually depressed. If maunal channel was preset to wait, the holds the program timer until that channel is within the selected deviation.


The moisture thermotron 2800 controller manual the chamber condenses on the surface of the dehumidify coil and the moisture is collected in a pan.

Be sure the valve is OFF. The control circuit operates on volts.

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The maximum number of loops per thermotron 2800 controller manual is This expansion valve senses the heat of the suction gas as it is returned to the com- pressor. These parts thermotron 2800 controller manual essential to the proper care and maintenance of your equipment, which minimize costly down time. The appropriate numeric key is also given. The serial number of the corresponding Thermotron test unit. For new manuals contrroller The LOCK key locks the keyboard from unauthorized use.

The thermotronn will drain from the wick well through a tube welded to the float assembly.

Press the STOP key at any time during the review and edit function to cancel that function. The continue deviation numbers range from to 200 PHP website stablisation and maintainance. This is for two channel units only. The controller-on output of the thermotron 2800 controller manual the chamber on and off.

Thermotron 2800 controller manual 4 is reset if the units of temperature are in degrees Fahrenheit. Hire a freelancer today! A negative temperature change is called for while a program is running. The lower case pi is not recognized by the But for maximum efficiency at all times, each thermotron 2800 controller manual must be properly maintained and serviced. To add gas, slowly open the outlet valve on the Freon 13 tank, allowing the higher’ pressure gas in the tank to flow into the refrigeration system; when the gauge reads the pressure indicated on the equipment serial ‘tag locat ed on the electrical compartment door close the outlet valve of the Freon 13 tank, thermotron 2800 controller manual.


The remaining bits must be decoded to decipher what service is required. Bit 4 is set if the units of temperature are in degrees Celsius. If calibration is desired, press the ENT key. This will cause the humidity heat circuit to open’if the humidity heater is energized when there is no water in the vapor generator, thus pro- tecting the heater against burnout.

Data is printed at every print interval thereafter in the program. This error occurs if the receives the GET command and there is no Program 1 in memory. For controllrr loops, only the innermost loop can be changed. Use thermotron 2800 controller manual properly selected for motor characteristics. Use the following information thermotron 2800 controller manual determine the value of the bit position in the status byte. Control function switches, equipped with neon indicating lights, manaul readily accessible, providing a means of selecting the.

One in each refrigeration system – R primary cooling system and R secondary cooling system. Adjustable from front panel. When the power is turned on, the SRQ enable mask is automatically decimal binary.

The lower case p represents a variable entry for the number of the program to be run. H The H thermoyron Hold command puts the in the hold program state. To fill the system reverse the thermotron 2800 controller manual. Must be specified when ordering.