Create va form 21 c in minutes using a fillable PDF editor. Fill va form 21 c vba instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. No software. Try Now!. Supporting Statement for VA Form c. Declaration of Status of Dependents. (). A. Justification. 1. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

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This form is not yet available in eBenefits so you will have to complete it on paper. If you are filing your first claim, you can upload the form with you other claim documents in eBenefits. Here is a brief summary of rules and forms that you will need to know.

If the paperwork gets lost you can send them another copy. Doing so will save valuable time. Please contact VA Legal Team with any questions.

VA form must be re-submitted every year. The VA eliminated this requirement, in my opinion, for the following reasons: The c is an important form. Unlike many of the forms I write about, VA Form c is used for aid and attendance pension benefits and compensation benefits.

Complete marital information is still required by the VA. There are No Comment s. Click to View More Topics.

There are income and marriage limitations for dependent children and parents. When the document reaches the VA system, the document type becomes the name of the document. The VA also demands complete marital information for all marriages. You can file this form through eBenefits if you already have a VA rating.


If the claimant fails to report complete v information, 68c6 is easy to do, then the VA will require the claimant to complete part of c.

Status of Dependents Form | Stateside Legal

The more dependents a veteran or spouse has, the greater the benefit from the VA. However, this information is now reported on the same form as income, net worth, and medical expense information. Common law marriages may not be recognized by the VA.

Use VA form to claim children aged 18 to 23 that are attending school.

Add Your Dependents to Your VA Claim

This form is not available in eBenefits either, so you will have to complete it on paper. A claimant that fails to report information such as a date of marriage or a place of marriage should expect a request for more information letter. Officers Mid-Grade Officers Sr. Make sure that you qualify for the benefit before you apply. However, the VA eliminated the requirement to submit c with applications vx pension. Login Join Member Benefits.

Mistakes on the aid and attendance application result in requests for more information letters from the VA and, eventually, denial letters. Marriage certificate, divorce decrees, and social security cards.

Save a copy of everything that you send to the VA. You can claim your current spouse on VA form c. The VA is extremely serious about complete marital information. If you are filing your first claim, you corm have to complete this form separately and upload the form with you other claim documents in eBenefits. If you file through eBenefitsyour dependency claim fform be adjudicated in as little as one day. Eliminating VA Form c as a mandatory requirement for aid and attendance applications is claimant friendly.


Read all instructions carefully and answer all of the questions on ba form.

Nov 02, Share This. Veterans receive more money from the Department of Veterans Affairs if they have dependents. You cannot claim a former spouse but you will need to let the VA know about all former spouses. When you are uploading a document to your claim using eBenefitsyou must identify the document type.

Years ago, VA Form c was a mandatory form when a veteran or surviving spouse applied for pension benefits. Any reduction in VA forms helps the claimant by eliminating the possibility to make a mistake.

If you add documents, your dependency claim will be kicked out of RBPS and will sit in queue to be manually adjudicated. You can claim parents firm you support using VA form 21P