17 Sep In recent years, I had seen the English text reproduced in Vimana Aircraft of . NOTE: In the book, these plates follow the English translation. “Vymanika Shastra” by Shri G.R.. Josyer has appeared [2], which contains the same Sanskrit verses with their English translation. One notable feature of this. This is the English translation of the Vimanika Shastra,. which purports to be an ancient Hindu manuscript. on the construction and use of flying machines.

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Thereby, in the acid there will be generated a female shakti of 5 nyankas called sowlikaa. It is no wonder that a large quantity of the print run ended up dumped in a root cellar vaimanika shastra english translation Bangalore which made it even rarer. Their names are pinjuleeka, keeranaka, dimbhaka, paarvateeyaka, kachchapa, gaaruda, uddanda, shaktipa, govidaaraka, pavanaasya, panchavaktra, vajraka, kankana, ahirbudhnya, kundalika, naakula, oomanaabhika, trimukha, saptasheershanya, panchaavartha, paraavatha, aavarta, naabhika, oordhvaasya, shilaavarta.

Many Will share my hope vaimanika shastra english translation prayer that the Nehru Goverment would lose no time in acquiring the manuscript, which, according to my information, is most unique. For the labouring classes the times are thrice during daytime, and once in the night.

Underneath the lotuses airflow routes should be provided. To protect against that the kuntinee-shakti yantra should be installed in the neck portion of the vimaana.

By mixing with etherial force 10 parts of air forte, 7 parts of water force, and 16 parts of solar glow, and projecting it by means of the star-faced mirror through the frontal vaimanika shastra english translation of the Vimana; the appearance vaimanika shastra english translation a star-spangled sky is created.

As the vimaana flies through the regions of the sky, three classes of destructive forces tend to overcome it. First the pivot or pole should be stretched by moving the keelee or switch. Owing to the seasonal changes forces will generate in the joints of the vaimanika shastra english translation space, and combining with the oceanic forces will reach the realm of air and cause a commotion which will spread out with fierce force into the farthest air pockets, and let loose typhoons which reach the vimaana, and produce a dusty excrescence which will induce chicken-pox-like skin eruptions on the pilots and other occupants, and also break up the vimaana.


The Academy has truly attained International fame, and has become known from one end of the globe to the other! The two winged bellows attached to the double-wheels will open up. At the base of the pivot an sjastra yantra should be fixed. Similarly, of the forces of sun and stars in aditi, the 9th called “Sundaa”, and vaimanika shastra english translation stellar force called “Bhowma” are indicated bythe letter “Ma”.

Full text of “The Vimanika (PDFy mirror)”

By acquiring Mahaamaaya, Shambara, and other taantric powers, to endow the plane with those powers. But then letters continued to come from far away, from estimable men avidly interested in the manuscript, and organs of learned Associations and books by scholars vaimanika shastra english translation the abstruse began to quote us as intending to bring out the publication. The Maharaja of Mysore invited us, and after offering Vaimanika shastra english translation, wanted the Manuscript for being shown to Dr.

But by getting warned of the approach of such danger spots, vaimanika shastra english translation plane could be halted and steered with care.

This work has been proved to be a fraud. It is my belief, therefore, that this is an orphaned copyright. It should he rolled in coils just as a snake circles up in coils and sleeps. One tube should be fixed at the ceiling. Shasha-piththa, udupiththa, borax, kutmala, jyotsnaa saara, rasonta kanda flour, kudupa-salt, mica salt, shoundeera jangha shalya flour, vaatohara, white niryaasa earth salt, and uragha.

Vertical Section TkiruaA vimana 32B aickto enlarge aickto enlarge Of them, number 5, known as antarmukha or inward-mouthed, is prescribed for melting the root-metals. The pilot should get warned by the ushna-pramaapaka yantra, or heat-measuring instrument, and quickly fold the concerned parts and ensure their safety.

By operation of the northern switch all parts will close up. The erection of the kuntinee-shakti vaimanika shastra english translation in the vimaana will prevent it from such destruction.

The wind, solar rays, and fire are known as trivargas. By concentrating the air force in the seven tubes of the Vimana, and turning the switch, produce, as stated in “Shabda prakaashikaa” a crescendo of thunderous din, which stuns people, and makes them quake with fear and become insensible. Each of the three has evil effects on the plane’s pilot. Varieties of Aeroplanes 84 Then the solar rays and electric current should be passed into the acid vessel containing the crystal.


vimana shastra english pdf

Any attempt to give practical effect to such a theory would prove disastrous. And Naalapanchaka or Five tubes: By vaimanika shastra english translation of vaimanika shastra english translation electric p. According to Yantra-sarvasva, by manipulating the five forces a halo is formed around the vimaana, and tanslation drawing the solar rays into contact with it, the rays will speed the aeroplane along the rekhaamaarga or safety line. Kendras 3, 4, and 5, will become active.

By means of the photographic yantra in the Vimana to obtain a television view of things inside an enemy plane.

The petals vaimanika shastra english translation to be made, according to Lalla, by mixing 15 parts of the mica glass, with 4 parts of sourika salt, duly mixed and finely powdered and melted in pattikaa machine, when like onion-skin layers, petals will take shape. I was surprised when I found myself talking to their founder, David Hatcher Childress.

There is nothing here which Jules Verne couldn’t have dreamed up, no mention of vaimanika shastra english translation elements or advanced construction techniques.

The manufacture of this mirror is thus given in Darpana-prakarana: Hence there cannot be said to be any conflict of opinions. Heat Absorbing Metals 18 9.

Chaalana and other motions may therefore vaimanika shastra english translation said to result from panjaraa shakti. We are neither rabid, nor national.

To the west of it a globular ball made of vaatapaa glass with a wide open mouth should be fixed. God has created the Earth like a round ball, all its contents forming one compact unit, not a hundred englihs odd broken units as in the League of Nations.