24 Feb Solved: if u have netbackup interview questions with answers plz can u share to my mail id. Solved: Hi All, Kindly share the netbackup administrator interview questions for L1 and L2 engineer. If any one have link kindly share. Netbackup A person could memorize the simple answers to the questions but the proff is in the In All interviews i have faced of netbackup.. i found three more or less.

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Are they the same? Group the swims in the Volume pool? The date and time when NetBackup stops tracking a backup image. After the installation is complete, how do you check for running NetBackup processes? A method of reporting device errors to NetBackup.

interview questions

The retention period is specified on the schedule. Which NetBackup component questinos and allocates device and media resources required for NetBackup operations? Hi deepakthanks for da. UNIX and Windows file path conventions. Risk Mitigation and Compliance. What is multiple data streams? NetBackup status veritas netbackup interview questions and answers indicates that the storage unit is unavailable. Solved Go to solution.

Moves tape drives into tape libraries. What Is San Media Server?

Solved: net backup interview questions – VOX

How to check volume pool? Which schedule types do not apply to automatic backups? Thank you very much Speed freak. Asia Pacific Vision Discussions. How does NetBackup tie together with Media Manager?

veritaas Veritas netbackup interview questions and answers to u All. Image meta data is a binary file the catalog. What’s the difference between diff incr and cumulative incr? Hi guys, Can someone help me as I have a starnge issue going on. The version support from 6. You can change your settings at any time. Magoo points Badges: For offline NetBackup catalogs. Which of the following Backup Architecture in Enterprise models?

How to design your resume? A requirement for attaching tape drives to a SAN.

The recovery steps are in the docs. What is the process of importing images netbac,up why do we import images? Veritas Netbackup for windows Interview question. Every paragraph in ndtbackup netbackup administrator’s guide is an answer to something that the product does and is capable of doing. How can we assign barcode rules?

Volume Any individual bit of media – tape, optical disk, etc. Please try again later. Veritas netbackup interview questions and answers isn’t my forte so I’ll let someone else respond.

Hi, But if i get chnace to. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Solved: Netbackup Questions for level 1 and level 2 – VOX

Hi Guys, Here’s our situation; our file and application server is running out of disk space on the C: Defines which client is to be backed up.

Differential Incremental or Cumulative Incremental Backups. Then import missing images info and EMM database? Shows the Thread ID to allow tracing through the log. Flash backup is like a raw backup where it does the backup at the block level–the main difference is that veritas netbackup interview questions and answers can do differentials.

Veritas Netbackup Interview Questions & Answers

What is the native capacity of the LTO5 Tapes? Hi Stumpr, Pls help me i want grow my self iinterview veritas netbackup. On Thu, Jul 16, at 2: In my book this is definitely a support call to Symantec or email to Ed.

A User Backup or User Archive operation veritas netbackup interview questions and answers be initiated from the: It seems that people think they can learn Netbackup in an evening and just talk there way through an interview. What’s the difference between diff incr and cumulative incr? How to check volume pool?