Vxvm Interview Questions – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. You answered the following question Incorrectly To manage dmp nodes Veritas Volume Manager creates to device paths /dev/vx/dmp and /dev/vx/ rdmp. 24 Nov 1) Can you reduce a FS in VxVM? What is the risk involved? There are a few risks and issues involved while reducing a Filesystem in VxVM.

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Physical access to the disk questilns c1t13d0s2. Multiple Response Which of the following command will force a disk to join a disk group? Which of the following utility manages storage checkpoints?

None of them are true. The disk will veritas volume manager interview questions and answers marked as failed no other action is taken. When disk is encapsulated and manaher under vxvm control existing data is preserved. Online relayout is possible only the following Which are the different layouts for volumes in VxVM? However, it is not a suitable format for boot, root or answees disks, for mirrors or hot-relocation spares of such disks, or for Extensible Firmware Interface EFI disks.

Veritas volume manager interview questions and answers are some common question based on real time scenario. Step kanager step explanation? Exploring Solaris and Veritas yet another page for solaris and veritas. A layered volume was disabled and it is cleaned using vxmend fix clean command. Which of the following command will disable vxconfigd command? Here i would like to share some of the interview questions on veritas volume manager which will help you to succeed in Unix interviews.

Which of the following command will import a diskgroup named testdg and temporarily renamed it to newdg? How to create it using vxmake? Install vmware workstation and install Solaris as virtual machine.

VXVM-Interview Questions Archives – UnixArena

volum Which command will mirror the rootdisk to disk01? The default Read Policy for Volume Manager is You have 4 stripe volumes across 5 disks, if the one of the disk fails the data vdritas to be restored from the backup to Which of the following statements are true of the volume manager naswers How will you setup and unsetup disks explicitly using VxVM?

It will create a new DG with two specified disks. What is the meaning of growby and growto options? A volume set is a set of volumes grouped together to work as a filesystem. Which one of the following is the default name for a volume? Linux 1 When is veritas volume manager interview questions and answers next version of Solaris to be released? How many diskgroup a vmdisk can span?

VXVM-Interview Questions

Which of the following command will unencapsulate the rootdisk? The raid5 volume is in disabled state. Footer Subscribe E-Mail Address.

Disk cannot be used across platforms and ansewrs systems 4.

How will you configure VxVM in 3. Disk suitable for booting the operating system. How can you unencapsulate a vefitas disk in VxVM? The Plex is deleted from the volume. Which of the following are true about vxfs filesystem size and default block size?

Solaris & Veritas(VCS, VxVM, Veritas Netbackup) – VOX

What is the basic difference between private disk group and shared disk group? You have a boot disk under svm, the machine fails to boot and remains in ok prompt?

You should start reading some invaluable guides like.

Multiple Choice Which one of the following is the default name for a volume? A successful relocation involves which of the following? Multiple Option Which of the following command will abd vxconfigd command? The entire disk is relocated. Which command will allow you to see whether Veritas Volume Manager kernel processes are running?

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