Living Water has 59 ratings and 5 reviews. Eric said: This is an amazing book about an amazing man. Yes, it’s short and leaves much to be desired regardi. Callum Coats is the foremost expert author on Viktor Schauberger’s life long work with water, forestry, agriculture, energy production and infrastructure as well as. THE WATER WIZARD: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water, by VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER, translated and edited by CALLUM COATS. All life depends.

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World Living Water Systems Ltd.

Our cells are nourished and well fed when floating within a liquid crystalline matrix of Living and Strucured water. We would like to share with you a way to be a part of this blue-wave.

Even this legendary river, however, was to meet viktor schauberger living water sad fate.

The vessel is enclosed livving an insulation shell of hydrocarbon material viktor schauberger living water restrict the loss of ‘implosion energy’ created, instead concentrating it within the vessel so that biosynthesis can take place. He men organised his woodsmen to warm up about one hundred litres of water and pour this in luving upstream at a given signal.

This occurs with every explosion. The oily film, mentioned above, completely disap- peared. These experiments proved that this law, whilst it applies to all mechanical systems, does not apply wholly to living organisms. Schauberger, in another connection, suggests that a natural watercourse allowing natural motion, builds up an energy that flows in the opposite direction to the water.

You will be rewarded for your efforts. Timber floating in these mountain regions was normally a very rough and ready business. Without the forest, no water, without water, no bread; without bread, no life. Out of his ponderings and observations there slowly grew viktor schauberger living water theory vikttor the different forms of motion. Cold rain will not readily infiltrate into warm soil.

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First and foremost it concerns the treatment of water – the principal agent schwuberger life. The two men stood beside a mountain stream, deep in discussion. It is fair, perhaps, to point out that he had contributed to this deforestation through his flotation chutes. Surrounding the spring were mountain plants, which left an oily film on our mountain boots, which also could viktor schauberger living water seen on the surface of the crystal clear water.

It could be likened to the experience of a man suddenly hurled upwards in the air by a cyclone, to crash down scchauberger earth stark naked.

Schauberger now came into conflict with Steinhard when criticizing his methods, and their paths separated. At the same time he said that the Government were pleased to retain his services though at half the former salary, the balance to be made up from the minister’s so-called ‘black funds’.

One has only to think that each year the Rhine washes downstream aboutcubic metres of mud and gravel. He presented the plan to the Princess, who asked him how much could be saved in transport costs. He saw the appalling effects of deforestation as the harmful consequences of unnatural water regulation, and made suggestions to solve these problems.

Such forest exploitation becomes a threat to mankind itself, through its biological degenerative effect on water and foodstuffs.

Looking through my bino- culars I noted the peculiar viktor schauberger living water movement of its body under the crystal clear water. viktor schauberger living water

schauberged Schauberger built a wooden chute, fifty kilometres long, which in itself might have viktor schauberger living water acceptable, but this particular chute had an idiotic shape; it was not straight, but zigzagged alongside valley sides and ravines, instead of following the shortest route.

Jenell rated it it was amazing May 18, You will not see energy in the same way, nor Nature. After a while he developed an apparatus resembling that shown on p.


Its boiling and freezing points change, and wise Nature makes use of this pheno- menon to raise water, without using pumping equipment, to the highest mountain peaks, to wager as mountain springs.

I am aware that the information for the basis of this book is fragile. In the next moment the water in the trough must overflow. Living and Structured Water acts as a liquid crystal in our body. When a man dies the bells toll. Now, fifty years later, both this and other of his prophecies have become a reality viktor schauberger living water many parts of the world. Skip to main content. The less the tree-cover, the more extensive the flooding and the longer the period of drought, of water-less-ness, which is synonymous with dchauberger On an energetic level, Living and Structured Viktor schauberger living water creates a naturally occurring resonance field in our bodies, enhancing cell-to-cell communication, energy transfer, and revitalization of every cell in our bodies.

The centripetal, hyperbolic spiral movement is watwr of falling temperature, contraction, concentration.

What is Living Water?

But there is also a certain journey in both time and distance that the water must make underground before it becomes internally mature. All energy in life requires a conductor. As a result liging these discoveries, it was arranged that Viktor Schauberger be taken to the United States inwhere viktor schauberger living water amounting potentially to many millions of dollars could be made available as start-capital for a Los Alamos-like venture viktor schauberger living water develop Schquberger Schauberger’s theories of Implosion.

The Dying Rhine 46 8.

Therefore if water’s health, energy and life-force are to be maintained at the highest possible level, then certain precautions must be taken, which will be addressed later.