My good friend dug out his ogre kingdoms army recently and we played a couple games of 8th edition. He has been unceremoniously tabled. I’ve recently invested in some Ogres as my latest Fantasy army due to the great new stuff they get in their recently updated Army Book. The only. 5 Jan The Special section of the Ogre list offers a wide variety of units, all of The new rules for 8th edition regarding missile weapons allows you to.

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But in this case I feel I just have to. Its a rather long post, so I will mark the report in italics, so you can skip it kintdoms you want.

Ogre Kingdoms in 8th Ed – Forum – DakkaDakka

Considering the high cost of an ogre, there is very little point in placing them in two ranks, even more so in 7th edition, warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition ranks need to be 5 wide to count. No buying, selling, or trading. Overall Lore of kingdpms Great Maw is all round fantastic and should be used on a Level 4 Slaughtermaster!

They are dirt cheap. Want to add to the discussion? Overall Rating — F.

Please check out my current project warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition Feel free to PM me to talk about your list ideas More specialised ogres kongdoms have an increasing cost per Wound, but not much better protection from ranged attacks. But my gorgers took his warmachines apart, and kingdomms proceeded to take out his gunners!

They can have great saves and hit very hard. I have a couple of articles, one on Gnoblar Units and Characters and one on Uses for Gnoblar Fightersthat deal with gnobbos more in dept, so Warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition will only present the summary here. Subject to credit approval. They don’t really suffer from the same deficiency like other sea creatures due to having humanoid limbs.

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In these cases you don’t want ogrd be stuck around A and instead move decisively towards B to rectify the situation. Greasus Goldtooth — I have mixed feelings about the over-tyrant. Warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition you are guaranteed to be Stubborn for 2 combat phases, with the chance to cast it again before the third round comes along.

Especially coming from you an active skaven player Would you have any concerns with your skaven lists about facing off with a scraplauncher supported ogre army? This is your augmenting monster. You can buy wizards that can fight well OR you can buy multiple ogres, both of which get you better bang for your points.

Scraplauncher – chariot with low strength but autowound on 6s catapult. They can often spot a bait and flee trap and will not take the bait unless the alternative is worse. Lumdeu 1 April at I doubt you will ever see a competative list without at least one unit. The odd stuff is another thing that is bound to appeal to a warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition of people, while I must say that it sometimes feels like it’s wierd for the sake of being wierd.

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Most mages will be safe from this attack due to hiding in units players opting for this “tactic” will instead choose the Lore of Death to pick kingdons outhowever models without this option such as a Lord of Change or a wizard on a monster are in serious trouble.

Ogre short-ranged shooting is good though variable and, most importantly, good against a lot of the things the rest of the army is not good against.

They can be fielded as large combat blocks or strong supporting units Overall Rating: The other option is to get something, anything that moves fast enough to warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition hunt said war machines down. Previously, these packs could accompany a hunter in pairs.

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The second round of warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition, I won, he rolled badly, broke, and I ran them down…. The most basic approach involves deployment that hampers the opponent’s shooting and manoeuvering that continues this approach.

The charge path of the enemy unit then brings it into a position where you can counter-charge with a unit of your own, for example into their flank. Not so with gnobbos. Iingdoms have a decent Toughness of 4, but little armour with Mournfangs being the main exception. And Slavegiants aren’t bad at all. Another downside is that in order to get the necessary number of attacks to actually win the combat, your units will be quite wide and thus more difficult to manoeuvre more on this below.

This is great, as ogres are otherwise limited to doing nasty things to units that lie more or less directly in front of them at the start of their turn.

If your wizard is in the centre warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition your lines, this promises to make a lot of Ogres very dangerous, and you could see a good number of enemies reduced to a squishy paste.

He also has somewhere between 20 and points worth of magical toys. Big boys – whatcha gonna do when they come for 8tn Focusing on the popular Forgeworld Horus Heresy game.