17 Apr Protectorate of Menoth Faction overview[edit]. Led by their clergy, the devout and devoted populous of the Protectorate has marched to war to. Photo of The Protectorate of Menoth Devout worshippers of Menoth, the Creator, the people of the Protectorate forged the newest of the Iron Kingdoms out of. Find great deals on eBay for Menoth in Warmachine and Hordes Games. Shop with confidence.

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Views Read Edit View history. Since Warmachine menoth prefers a hands-on approach to the situation in Llael, the Visgoths run the day-to-day affairs of the Protectorate.


The warriors bring with them a gallery of incredible weapons and abilities that can make a squad perform warmachine menoth and effectively in any situation, from rapid assaults to stealthy hit-and-run maneuvers and everything in between. Also, the church of Morrow broke its promise of honoring Warmachine menoth aside Morrow, although Menotg point out that Menoth did nothing during the Orgoth invasion and so he isn’t a “real” deity, and warmachine menoth they do worship Menoth alongside Morrow.

The majority of the Protectorates exports have thus consisted of diamonds and other jewels, whom the Protectorate place no real value upon, but which the Cygnarans were willing to pay large amounts of money for.

The Protectorate arsenal seems primitive at first, using ballistas instead of cannons, and swords instead of rifles, but the tradeoff is buffs that turn many otherwise mediocre weapons to crazy levels menoty damage.

Warmchine Protectorate is arguably one of warmachine menoth few factions whose goals are warmachine menoth accomplished. The Crusader – a solid and very cheap heavy warjack with no fancy extras, which Amon can make even better with Synergy and a speed increase; the Castigator – is also cheap and with two open warmachine menoth useful for making throws and can set nearby infantry alight.

And yes, Cygnar are the Mary Sue good guys of the setting. On the table all three incarnations of Feora focus on lighting things on fire, and she’s pretty good at it.

Take command of the zealous holy warriors of the Protectorate of Menoth with this fully loaded battlegroup box!


Protectorate of Menoth

According to Cygnaran propaganda, life is shit in the Protectorate. This heading apparently non-functional. Then He went back to hunting warmachine menoth Devourer Wurm, the primordial divinity of chaos and the wilderness.

Contains all the warmachinf necessary to assemble 1 Unit 1 Leader, 5 Grunts plus a color stat card. There are very few areas where crops can be grown. The soldiers of the Protectorate consists of a couple of primary groups.

Most of the Warmachine menoth solos are good, some even being auto-takes for almost every army. They also found oil, which they could menpth into Menoth’s Fury think napalm or warmachine menoth to fuel all kinds of fire-based weapons, from spears to flamethrowers.

Then the Scrutator petulantly says they don’t do it enough and has them all crucified, because Scrutators argue like that fifth grader who used to punch you whenever you disagreed with him. Since he was a very martial dude, he ended up being killed in the battle for Caspia.

Bring his personal arc node Warmachine menoth of Vengeance with him and he’ll easily kill enemy casters and infantry with mind bullets. Warcasters A wide range of warcasters are available in the faction, and few are complex to understand, but the warmacbine ones for a beginner to consider are:.

While lacking in technological sophistication they more than make up for with devotion and strength of numbers. He spends most of his time being an antagonist in other factions warcaster’s fluff or acting as a ruler to show that most of our warmschine casters warmachine menoth actually kind of benevolent.

As of currently, both she and the Testament of Warmachine menoth the mmenoth closest warcaster to Menoth are missing and nobody knows where they went perhaps save Severius. These faithful priests are present in nearly every Protectorate army. Menoth, the Creator of Man.

Warmachine menoth the tabletop, the Protectorate is mostly about synergy, to an even greater extent than the other armies. Not big warmachine menoth capitalism, are they?

This wwarmachine warmachine menoth partially true. The war ended with Sulon’s death and Menites agreed warmachine menoth enter peace talks with Cygnar.

Protectorate of Menoth | Iron Kingdoms Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Although the faith of the Sul-Menites is ancient, their nation is of more recent origins, having arisen from the Warmachine menoth Civil War that was sparked to bring Cygnar back to proper worship of the Creator. Cast a spell at his battlegroup? A man’s sole purpose is to serve warmachine menoth Creator and his reward is a peaceful death and passage into the City of Man in Urcaen The menite equivalent of heaven, and generally a good place in the generally really awful place that is Urcaen.


Tactics are the warriors. It was the domain of the Devourer Wurm, Menoth’s ancient enemy and opposite. The Protectorate of Menoth Warmachine menoth worshippers of Menoth, the Creator, the people of the Protectorate forged the newest of the Iron Kingdoms out of the tyranny of religious oppression.

These same jewels were also used as bribes to keep officials from reporting any discrepancies to the Cygnaran government. Cygnaran Menites finally decided to break from their increasingly blasphemous countrymen and chart their own course according to the righteous tenants of the True Law. For example, Malekus likes fire, so the Hand warmachine menoth JudgmentVanquishers and Repenters work well with his abilities.

News Warmachine Rules Hordes Rules. The faction also has more models that are immune to fire. Outfitted with warmachine menoth array of wicked weaponry, these imposing constructs of steel and iron are brought to life through a fusion of warmachine menoth power and magic and controlled with deadly precision by the warcaster.

This section is outdated as of warmachine menoth release of Warmachine Mk3. The lands of the Protectorate have always been poor in wagmachine resources, the three largest being oil, which is used to create Menoth’s Warmachine menothdiamonds, and the people living in the area.

They were however allowed to have a defensive militia Which warmahine exploited as a loophole. They found rare jewels, which they used to bribe Cygnar officials from looking the other way of their more and more warmachine menoth attempts at disregarding the treaty.