I’ve never read Yves Rodier’s version of Alph-Art, though I really want to. The portrayal of Tintin and Haddock were especially unimpressive. 17 May Find Tintin and Alph-Art by Hergé and Rodier at Blurb Books. Presented here is the version drawn by Yves Rodier, a Canadian artist, in an. 17 May Find Tintin and Alph-Art (softcover) by Hergé and Rodier at Blurb Books. Presented here is the version drawn by Yves Rodier, a Canadian.

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First, he tries to make Tintin a statue, which requires him somehow to stay alive. Create a free account.

Tintin and Alph-Art | Tintin Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Vielen Dank – merci beaucoup! Don’t leave them hanging! What Happened to the Mouse? View all 19 reviews. When he refuses, as he still cannot stand the beverage after the events of the previous book, Castafiore turns into a huge bird-like creature and begins to attack Haddock.

We therefore recommend using one of the direct payment methods available on our payment page. Tintin drives there on his motor scooter and is pursued by a black Mercedes.

The next morning, Tintin leaves Marlinspike Hall for the village on his motor scooter, and is pursued by the same men who had attacked him in the Mercedes. Rodier started out a new book called A Day at the Airport though it was abandoned, with the first yves rodier tintin and alph-art leaking onto the web.

Sign in Sign in New user? Tintin is led away by one of Akass’s men to a cell, where he is locked up. The same news program then features a report on the suspicious death of art expert Jacques Monastir, who is presumed drowned off the coast of AjaccioYves rodier tintin and alph-art.


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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Tintin, Haddock and Calculus later assess the situation around the table. At the gallery, Haddock is pressed into purchasing a perspex letter “H” “Personalph-Art” created by Nash. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

This knocks Rastapopoulos away from the rock he was bracing himself on, causing the rope to act like a catapult and hurl Rastapopoulos over the edge yves rodier tintin and alph-art the cliff, while Tintin and Haddock and safely lowered onto a convenient ledge a few feet below where they were hanging.

Instead, he falls back on the old plot device of reading about a murder in a newspaper. The Adventures of Tintin. He awakes yves rodier tintin and alph-art hospital with Haddock at his a,ph-art, to whom he explains his revelation that there is a micro-transmitter concealed in the pendant worn by Miss Vandezande.

There is clearly enough material for a very promising adventure, although the work is somewhat fragmented. In determining whether the use made of yves rodier tintin and alph-art work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include these four basic yves rodier tintin and alph-art. The cover of Yves Rodier ‘s version of the book. After taking time to fill Tintin in on the events of FlightRastapopoulos prepares to have the two executed, but before he can do so, Thomson and Thompson arrive with several cops in tow.

She continues her conversation with Tintin, telling him about her new spiritual leader, Endaddine Akasswith whom she intends to stay at his villa in Ischiaan island off the coast of Naples.


However, she bursts into tears, suggesting to a shocked Tintin that she may be innocent. In other words, fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. There is a reserve price on this lot.

The Unfinished “Tintin” – The tricky business of fan fiction versus copyright, Part 3 of 4

Settings My favourite lots My auction alerts. Additional information required You’ll need to rodler in or register for free before bidding. Subverted; “Akass” says that the liquid polyester isn’t hot enough to burn Tintin to death, or even scald him, but that he’ll slowly drown in the liquid.

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The derivative work becomes a second, separate work, independent in form from the first. Voyager – Season 6 Review Putting a lot of Sloth into it: